samhitha April 29, 2019

All of us start our day with some form of food intake, and as the day passes along, we keep fuelling ourselves with food depending on our hunger levels. However, not all of us think about or pay attention to the process of digestion of the food, unless something goes wrong with our digestive system.

In order to do its job well, our digestive system requires some amount of cooperation from various organs in our body. Some of them include our mouth, stomach, livers, intestines and gallbladder. In general, it takes about 24 to 72 hours for food to digest. How long does it take to digest vegetables, you might wonder? Fruits and vegetables take less than a day to digest because of the high fibre content in them.

Let’s get to know 4 fun facts about digestion.

Stomach Acid
Did you know that the acid produced inside your stomach can be so strong that it can burn your skin! So, while inside the stomach, how come the acid doesn’t burn it? It is because of a protective layer of mucus that lines the stomach and prevents the acid from moving out. The burning sensation that you get as part of heartburn or hyperacidity, is because of the gastric acid that leaks into what is called the esophagus, which doesn’t have the protective layer of mucus.

Eating Upside Down

Did you know that the food we intake, doesn’t really need gravity in order to reach our stomach? Whenever we eat something, the muscles in our esophagus tighten and relax almost in a wavelike fashion. This is called peristalsis and it helps in pushing food through the esophagus and thereby into the stomach. While it might sound difficult to eat upside down, it could very much be possible.

The Stomach Growl

Every heard your stomach growl inside an absolutely quiet meeting room? While it could be a bit embarrassing, there is a reason why this happens. The rumbling sound is nothing but the sound of your stomach along with small intestines starting the digesting process. You must have noticed that this sound doesn’t come up when your stomach is full. This is because the sound gets muffled when your stomach is full. Our stomach contracts in order
to get rid of any leftover particles and this is when the growling sound might start. While it can be indicative of the fact that your stomach is empty, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are hungry. If you are considering vegetables in your diet, you should know how long does it take to digest vegetables? Well if it has fibre contents, your stomach as well might start growling as it takes time to digest.

Flatulence and it’s Smell

Intestinal gas is formed with a combination of gasses that are produced by fermented
bacteria along with swallowed air. Our digestive system cannot process certain components of food well, these get pushed through the tract into the large intestine. Once in, bacteria within the intestines get to work and release numerous gases which include hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. This in turn gives rise to flatulence and the related smell.Once you are aware of  how long it takes vegetables to digest other types of food, you can
make safer choices for your stomach and health in general.

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